Artemis Grill launches Vegan Menu

Quinoa Falafel

With a modern Mediterranean twist, Artemis Grill & Sky Bar has created a new menu dedicated solely to the vegan diet. Running alongside the main lunch and dinner menus, this vegan a la carte menu offers a selection of starters, mains, side dishes and a trio of seasonal sorbets to finish.

The vegan and full a la carte menus also provide gluten-free options, ensuring everyone can enjoy a dining experience that suits their dietary needs.

“We understand that many of our customers are vegan, so rather than modifying at the last minute and having vegan dishes as an afterthought, we wanted to design a menu just for the vegan palates.” states Executive Chef, Oliver Hyde.

Starters include chilled carrot soup with avocado, heirloom tomatoes with black olive puree, beetroot tartare and tabbouleh salad. The mains feature popular classic Artemis dishes such as our roasted cauliflower, wild rocket salad, stuffed peppers, barley risotto and quinoa falafel, as pictured. Complete your meal with tasty sides such as our unique chickpea fries, grilled broccolini, crushed potatoes and Sicilian tomatoes.

Simply enquire on arrival for the vegan menu to be included alongside the main menus.

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