Artemis Grill’s menu review: Mediterranean fine dining is given a vegan twist

Beetroot Tartare 2

One of Singapore’s pukka feasting places, the Artemis Grill and Sky Bar, has jumped on the bandwagon with singular enthusiasm, creating an exclusive menu for their vegan clientele which is very nearly excellent,

A lot of thought went into the conception, presumably on the basis that solid cooking techniques and a judicious choice of ingredients work the same in every fine dining dish. Complementary flavours and textures (often contrasting and seemingly antagonistic) will go down well and titillate taste buds, and this was the case with the Tabbouleh Salad. Made with bulgur wheat and accompanied by cherry tomatoes and a lemon vinaigrette, the dish is eminently chewable and as zesty as they come. The secreted dill provides a pleasant uplift; the tomatoes calm things down, and the overall sensation is one of an enticing freshness.

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